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м.Вінниця, вул. Дмитра Майбороди, 2а

Youth exchange “Open Kitchen 2.0” was planned to be in Ukraine, in Vinnytsia. But we all know why it’s not possible now. So the best decision was to make it in Antaliepte, Lithuania. And, to be honest, it was an amazing time.
38 participants from Lithuania, Latvia and Ukraine came to a little village Antaliepte to get unforgettable experience, to get new knowledge and to create a cook book as a result of the teamwork.

We also learned how to make designs, shoot photos and make tasty healthy food. Each of the groups had different tasks, and they had professionals in their fields that could teach a lot of new things.

This project touched us in so many ways. All together we were enjoying communication, community of young active people, sharing experience, learning new things every single day. Meeting people with whom you have a lot of similarities, meeting people who has completely different experience, exploring the world together, creating sincere atmosphere where you can be yourself. Improving the skills in communication, photography, cooking and design. Getting new experience working as a team.

Sharing your own experience in different fields. Actively participating in every day reflection as a time to share feelings and emotions you felt during the day, time for yourself and time in society with other people. Trying to live and to not be “around the news” as often, but at the same time knowing what is going on, to let yourself feel the emotions, live them and let them go…

resh herbal tea, collected by participants and made with love for the breakfast and lunch. Delicious meals and greetings “Enjoy your meal!”  in at least 5 different languages.

Late musical evenings with a sound of guitar, secret (or not secret) messages in the envelopes, walking near the water mill, deep conversations, each other support. Fun time near the lakes – swimming, chatting, trying to survive lovely bites of mosquitoes and finding wild berries.
Learning new things about other countries and their culture through the dialogue and intercultural evenings.
The atmosphere of the monastery we were living made an impact for the whole project.

It was time to relax and to work at the same time. To switch a bit from a usual everyday life and gather motivation to improve yourself and make this world better in many different ways. It was an opportunity to ask yourself many different questions and try to search for an answer. Not always the answers we uncover is the ones we like to share, but it’s also a way to learn about acception.

This project was filled with lots of support, love and openness. With funny moments and energizers. With challenges and motivation. Sometimes with sadness. With creativity. With rain. Days were so active, sometimes you didn’t even have time to check your phone and answer the messages. Sometimes you didn’t even want to check them, because you wanted to be in the moment here and now. Sometimes you really wanted to share some moments with friends who is not with you now.

A lot of things happened during one week of the project. But the word I would like to sum it all up – it’s unity.

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Kateryna Marchenko
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