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Through AUM and CEVOS we are delivering Complementary Educational Programs using non-formal methods for children, young people and adults promoting volunteering as one of viable solutions to the challenges facing the community and aiming at building a more inclusive society. Till present moment we coordinated more than 15 complex volunteering projects on EVS and ESC and hosted more than 200 international volunteers for short and long term. We love our work and we are sure that all the activities developed will bring a great added value for our communities!

We identify resources, offers quality educational complementary programs based on non-formal methods and promote volunteering as an active model of involvement for Sighisoara and Saschiz children, young people and adults mobilizing the communities to adopt a responsible and supportive behavior. “Kill them with love and kindness” is one of our personal motto’s and “Be the change you want to see in the world” is the professional one!

We want to form at least 2 responsible based communities on solidarity, involvement and responsibility to
generate positive and sustainable change in society, to support the development of the young generation and to share with our present and future volunteers all our knowledge, experience and life secrets for a general well being.
“All people have a beautiful heart but sometimes their behavior is not the best” so we want to help them discover the best version of themselves, to gain self confidence and courage to create for them a beautiful life.

  1. What is the best way to travel to Sighisoara?
    Choosing green transport or the normal one will be your choice. You can take a flight to Bucharest, Cluj Napoca or Sibiu airport and after a train or a bus to Sighisoara. The average time travel is about 5 hours from Bucharest or Cluj Napoca and about 2 hours from Sibiu (everything depends on your flight arrival time in Romania).
  2. How is the weather in Romania?
    The climate in Sighisoara it’s accentuated in winter with an average temperature of -5-10 C ̊ (sometimes up to –15 C ̊) and in summer with an average temperature of 25-30 C ̊ (sometimes up to 40 C ̊). Bring with you both winter and summer clothes.
  1. Do I have to pay for the utilities at the accommodation?
    No, everything will be covered through the ESC program if you will use them responsibly (gas, electricity, water,
    internet). You will sign a Self Responsibility contract at the check in and in case you will not respect it you will have
    to cover the damages but everything is set in normal boundaries and will be explained to you, so no worries. We just
    have to protect as much as possible the environment and be responsible.
  2. Do I have to bring with me sheets?
    No, we will offer you 1 set of bed sheets, 1 pillow and 1 blanket but we recommend you to bring your own towel.
  3. What about washing my clothes?
    You will have access to a washing machine and you will receive a support for drying the clothes but No hair dryer or
    ironing machine or anything else which is particular.
  4. Will I have to clean the accommodation place and the office?
    Yes, you will have a cleaning schedule for the house with the rest of the volunteers, your room and also the
    common spaces and also for the office with our team. We all have to be responsible. For the house you will have to
    buy the cleaning products and for the office we will do it.
  5. When I will have my Romanian bank account ?
    The process to create the Romanian bank account is pretty quick, but you will have to wait for your credit card
    during 3 or 4 day’s. Be sure to have enough money to have solutions during this days (paypal, credit card from
    country, cash, etc). In case needed we can provide you a part of your first allowance in cash, you just have to ask.

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