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Passage 13 – sociocultural center in Halle-Neustadt
Passage 13 is a social cultural center in Halle-Neustadt. It was founded in 2020 and has in between about fifteen people working regularly there. Passage 13 wants to make a contribution to increase quality of life in the quarter. It is a place for meeting other people and for practicing a bunch of different activities. There are lots of offers for children and young people such as circus, dance, theatre, arts, radio, craft and science. There are also offers for adults such as Café, social dancing and lectures. Connected with
“silbersalz festival”, the focus is always on learning and on building our future together, being aware of the most important questions of our time such as nature, climate, migration and digitization

Passage 13 has got a big room with about 300 sqm. There is a theatre stage with sound technology, headlights and spectator room. Next to that, there is a working space with big tables, tools and art equipment. Furthermore, there are computer workstations and a little office with fridge and kitchen.
Beyond that there is radio studio, where the local radio station “radio corax” is doing radio practice with young people. Beyond all that there is a big open-air area in front of the building with an open air stage and open air Café, where different events such as street parties, concerts and film screenings take place.

children and youth
Circus: Our ceiling is equipped for aerial artistry, and there is also other circus equipment such as unicycles and juggling things. Several professional circus educators are working with children and young people, just experimenting, but also sometimes doing shows.
Dance and theatre: There are different projects, partly in cooperation with schools and day care facilities, where children and young people can check out dancing and playing theatre under the leadership of artists as well as dance and theatre educators. Families can then admire the results by visiting the shows, taking place on the stage of Passage 13.
Craft and arts: In our maker space, equipped with big tables and lots of tools, children and young people have the chance to try out drawing and painting, but also building technical things such as speaker boxes. They are professionally guided, detecting their skills and possibilities. School / Learning: There are offers for tutoring in different subjects, in German and Arabic language. Beside all that young people can just drop in, play table tennis or just have a good time.

We want to bring together the generations and to offer activities for adults, too. So, we have implemented a Café twice a week, where we come into conversation with people living in the quarter during having a cup of coffee. So, we gradually find out, which offers and events are desired. Once a month we organize a dancing afternoon with tea, coffee and live music on a Sunday afternoon. These events are very popular and well visited. We also plan to organize lectures and film screenings
concerning different topics and offering the possibility to come in discussion afterwards.

Volunteers profile – specific for this place of assignment

  • The volunteer should share our principles of tolerance, solidarity and equality
  • He / she should be interested in work with children and young people
  • He / she should be ready to communicate with people of different generations.
  • He / she should be interested in building bridges between people who have different
    needs and wishes
  • He / she should have interest and / or skills in cultural and creative work
  • He / she should be patient and ready to laugh about things that don´t work the way you
    expected them to
  • basic knowledge of German language would be helpful
    Volunteers profile – General
  • weltwärts: 18 to 28 years (exceptions can be made, when reasonable), EVS: 18-30 years
  • school graduation or comparable personal suitability
  • basic knowledge of English and willingness to learn German starting in home country
  • motivation: voluntary service as an opportunity to learn in different fields and to get involved
    with civil society (voluntary service as learning and peace service)
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